Android App Development

As per the industry estimation, there were near by 500 million android devices activated by end of 2013. They are increasing more and more day by day. Stats says that Android is going to be first priroty of mobile users in nowadays. In near future, it will be like every one has smart phone with Android. At Peafowl IT, we understand importance of Android in market.

We are improving our skills in development of Android which can increase possibilities that Android OS offers to the developers. Android comes with an opportunities to create some innovative Android apps which has wide ranges of usage in our routine work. Google providing platform to developers where they can make their own apps, Google is an organization who create enterprise solution of Android.

Our devopers are capable to develop robust application for all Android devices with use of every Android SDK. We have access of all features available for development of Android apps which can be used for purpose based on integration with Android SDK. We have developers with experience in customized solution & Enterprise apps.

Why Choose Us?

Integrating Social Media API’s like Facebook API, Twitter API etc. is an emerging trend to follow in Android apps. Most of the solution prefers social media connection for their users to make it more comfortable. Social media integration can make apps more powerful and easy to use for users with their one click login labeled as ‘LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK’. Our developers provide his excellence in integrating all social media apps with any Android solution.

Media handler apps used less consumption of data with use f internal storage. We can take an example of WhatsApp which are storing their media details in local storage and make it available/readable in offline mode for users. In such case, some solution needs to provide offline access where Media handler come across in the picture of development. Media handler API’s are driven by Android Platform which is open source by Google Inc. It makes application lighter in use.

In the trend of technology, GPS is going to pull up all features in Android device. All platform solution needs to merge with GPS-based location trace. We can help you to develop a GPS-based application which can be used to keep track of your employer’s movement. It can be used for Packers & Mover’s organization for tracking purpose. It can be integrated with Google Maps API to develop a highly scalable application. Google Map with GPS tracking can be used to keep users engaging with their current movement.

Instead of using API’s available for integration with Android SDK, our developer has excellence in developing enterprise application which can be used to make user convience better. A custom solution is needy for customers to provides end to end support to their users. They need to keep their users engaging with them. We offer development of a custom Android application with profits of marketers rate. We provide cost-efficient & robust solution with wide range of applications.

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